OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
The OPTIMUS public address and voice alarm systems COMPACT and OPTIMAX2 have an App, for both Android and iOS, which allows controlling different parameters and functions of the installation. With this App, the smartphone or tablet connects directly with the equipment without the need for intermediate servers and can, either in a hotel, shopping centre or transport station, select the music channel for an area, equalize it and adjust its volume, send a pre-recorded or live messages, monitor the system status or activate the emergency mode immediately. All with maximum security thanks to the user identification and the registration of the application.


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App (Android and iOS) to manage COMPACT and OPTIMAX2 systems

    • Live messages (playback mode).
    • Sending of pre-recorded messages.
    • Assignment (and modification) of music channels to zones and groups.
    • Adjust music volume & announcements of zones & groups.
    • Equalization of music & announcements of zones & groups.
    • Display and confirmation of alarms.
    • Activation of emergency mode.
    • Access protected with user passwords.


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Application (Android and iOS) to manage COMPACT and OPTIMAX2 Public Address and Voice Alarm systems. It connects directly to equipment without intermediate servers. Suitable to control the music, announcements and system status in hotels, shopping centres, transport stations... The app allows live messages (in playback mode), sending of pre-recorded messages, assignment of music channels, adjust music and announcements volume & equalization, display and confirmation of alarms, activation of emergency mode, access protected with user passwords... OPTIMUS model ref. APP-OPT1.


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