OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.

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Dutch company (Hacousto Protect) specialized in public address and voice alarm systems certified EN 54

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The 4EVAC public address and voice alarm system is made up of two compatible and combinable ranges, the compact “all-in-one” C500 and the scalable IMPACT.



Evacuation and voice alarm system "all in one", with the simplicity of a stand-alone device and the benefits of network topology to link and expand the system.

Each C500 manages 6 audio streams that can be broadcast simultaneously on the 6 loudspeaker lines connected to the 100 W RMS power amplifiers.

For global paging, the C500s are networked, via a redundant loop, with 2 audio channels and one serial data channel (RS485).

o C500


Scalable evacuation and voice alarm system based on a minimum number of elements: the controller, the power units and the zone selectors.

The controller transfers two audio channels and data to a total of 16 power amplifiers.

The 2 x 500 W RMS class D power amplifiers include a battery charger and local input for music.

The selectors control six loudspeaker zones and distribute evacuation and alert announcements, live and music.

o C500
C500 and IMPACT are linkable and fully compatible through a global network of up to 254 nodes that enables the management of 1,400 loudspeaker lines.


Ease of assembly

C500 is designed to facilitate installation and configuration. Electronic components are easy to insert and remove, and a simple and effective wall bracket simplifies the placement of the cabinet, easy even for a single person. In addition, configuration software and error detection tools speed commissioning.

Facilidad 4EVAC

1 - Attach the bracket to the wall.
2 - hang and hold the cabinet.
3 - Insert the batteries.
4 - Fix the batteries.
5 - Attach the cover.
6 - Close the cabinet.


Ease of installation

The only three elements that make up the IMPACT system make it easy to configure the public address and voice alarm system. Once the power and the necessary loudspeaker zones are known, the number of units of each equipment is determined.

IMPACT esquema
The system is completed with loudspeakers, batteries, musical sources and microphone desks, as shown in the basic diagram.


Ease of configuration

Both C500 and IMPACT are configured using the general 4EVAC Manager software, which provides an overview of the public address and voice alarm system and makes any configuration easy thanks to a secure and intuitive user interface.

4EVAC Manager software is included in all equipment.

4EVAC Manager




- Fast download and upload of system configuration.
- Firmware and configuration update via network for all devices. Each device (CONTROLLER on IMPACT and C500 cabinets) has a complete copy of the system configuration file.
- Possibility of fast updating of the system by changing the SD cards in the equipment, without the need for a computer.

Microphone desks



Microphone desk for remote control, emergency (firemen), with touch screen and gooseneck microphone for live announcements.
o 4EFMc


Hand microphone for emergency (firemen).


Microphone desk for remote control, with touch screen and gooseneck microphone for live announcements.
o 4EFMc


Microphone desk for remote control, with keyboard for 6 zones and gooseneck microphone for live announcements.

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