OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.

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Hospital Anita Moreno, Panama

The Regional Hospital of Azuero Anita Moreno is a health center of public ownership and administered by the Ministry of Health of Panama, located in the corregimiento of La Villa, corresponding to the district of Los Santos, in Panama. It is a center of international reference in psychiatric medicine and with the recent reform reaches 257 hospital beds, distributed in the area of ​​psychiatry and the area of internal medicine, and also has general services and medical care of specialties to serve the 100,000 inhabitants of the area. OPTIMUS has supplied the public address and voice alarm equipment, with distributed control and linked by data network, of 7 digital audio matrix of the COMPACT system that govern a total of 46 zones, each with an audio amplifier and enough speakers to provide the necessary acoustic coverage. More than 5,000 W of RMS power and more than 500 loudspeakers ref. A-225EN distributed throughout the hospital's facilities have been installed.

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