OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
The ME-200C microphone desks for COMPACT and OPTIMAX2 systems are specially designed for use by firefighters. These devices allow clear and precise warnings to be sent during fire alarm and evacuation situations, ensuring effective and safe communication in critical moments.

Most important features:

Efficient communication in emergency situations: In case of fire, the fire safety system activates an alarm that is immediately communicated to the public address system. The system cuts off any broadcasting through the speakers and plays pre-recorded messages at maximum power in the predefined areas of the evacuation plan, following the established sequence.

Priority for live communication: When firefighters arrive at the scene and need to send live messages, they use the ME-200C microphone desks. These devices can even override pre-recorded messages to give way to live instructions from firefighters, ensuring that people receive the latest and most crucial information for the safe evacuation of the building.

Safety and reliability: The ME-200C microphone desks have a security system that prevents accidental sending of warnings. When activated, they trigger a high-priority protocol that facilitates the work of the fire brigade and speeds up the evacuation of the building.

Versatility for different needs: The ME-200C equipment is available in three versions,

  • ME-200C: Basic tabletop version.
  • ME-200CZ: Tabletop version with selection of up to 12 speaker zones.
  • ME-200CZW: Wall-mounted version with selection of up to 12 speaker zones.

Flexible connectivity: The microphones are connected via bus to the main unit, which can be the COMPACT/UMX-03 modular matrix, IF7/IF8 interfaces, IF7P/IF8P modular amplifiers, IF7W/IF8W amplifiers, or the recently incorporated COMPACT LITE, which integrates an audio matrix, 2 x 460 W RMS amplifiers, a battery charger and control of up to 8 speaker zones.

Optimus ME-200C microphone desks are a fundamental tool for ensuring effective and safe communication during emergencies in buildings. Their robust design, security system and versatility make them the ideal solution for fire brigades and any public address and voice alarm system that requires clear and precise communication in critical situations.

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