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The COMPACT public address and voice alarm system installed in the Roman hospital controls 167 loudspeaker zones with a total power of 22,000 W RMS

Policlinico Tor Vergata


The PTV (Policlinico Tor Vergata) Foundation of Rome is a hospital located next to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, with approximately 400 beds, which offers medical and surgical hospital services, among other emergency care, women's health, cardiology, diagnosis... Its facilities cover approximately 140,000 m2 spread over a central building with four floors and two towers with eleven floors each. An EN 54 certified public address and voice alarm system from the COMPACT series, with 22,000 W power, has been installed in the hospital. The unit controls 167 loudspeaker zones using the UMX-2SA cards, with two audio outputs, and the UMX-MC6, which allows each output to be directed to six loudspeaker zones. The audio signals, whether musical programs or pre-recorded messages, are managed automatically and also manually from the control points, which also allow live announcements through computers equipped with call point software and DC-700ETH microphone stations, with display and keyboard, and DC-700ETH/T, with touch screen, are used. The fire department has the ME-200B microphones with absolute priority for emergency situations.