OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
The compact public address and voice alarm system C500 from 4EVAC, EN 54 certified, in the only VIP lounge at the international airport that offers passengers direct access to their flight.

Sala VIP Aeropuerto de Palma

© Aena

Among the many services at the Son Sant Joan International Airport in Palma de Mallorca are the VIP lounges. One of them, the Premium, differs from the others by being located outside the airport and offering users direct access to their flight through an exclusive Fast Track. It also has an exclusive transfer and accompanying service to the plane as well as check-in assistance, documentation presentation and other specific services requested by the passenger. The public address and voice alarm system in this area has been solved with the compact C500 system from 4EVAC, certified EN 54. The wall cabinet includes everything you need; it is only necessary to add the loudspeakers and optionally, as in the case of the VIP lounge, a microphone desk to send messages to one of the six zones from a control post. The loudspeakers are ceiling-mounted, flush-mounted (A-225EN) and surface-mounted (AS-226EN), in a personalized color to adapt to the careful aesthetics of the lounge.

C500 4EVAC 600x600
4ECMP 4EVAC 600x600
A225EN OPTIMUS 600x600

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