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The KB-05 kit is a set of mechanisms for equipping accessible baths and changing rooms as specified in the Technical Building Code (CTE - DB SUA - SUA3). The mechanisms included in KB-05 are the necessary ones to incorporate a system that will allow the user to call and also know that their call has been performed correctly, with acoustic and luminous signalling at a frequent passage point.

The kit is composed of a puller call mechanism, with LED indicator of current call, 1.9 m red cord and two balls to place them at the heights indicated in the ISO 21542 standard (one between 800 and 1100 mm and another 100 mm from the ground), a cancellation mechanism, with a button that cancels the call, an acoustic and luminous signalling mechanism, with the electronic control and that lights up and sounds with the call in progress, the frames for the three mechanisms and the power supply. The mechanisms are compatible with universal boxes and through the adapters of the K866 series with the most common electrical series of BJC, BTICINO, EFAPEL, JUNG, LEGRAND, NIESSEN, SIMON, SIEMENS...


This equipment is added to the KB-10F to increase the offer of signage kits for accessible bathrooms and changing rooms. KB-05 is the best option when it is not necessary to centralize bathroom calls, for example when there is only one or when there is no specific place to control them. KB-10F is a more powerful system that supports centralization and is also part of the OPTIMUS SMC patient-nurse intercommunication and signalling system.

Conjunto de señalización de baños accesibles


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