OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
At OPTIMUS we have progressively renewed the range of compact amplifiers that simplify public address installations by bringing together, in a single piece of equipment, the music source, the mixer/preamplifier, the priority management and the class D power units. In the superior and more powerful models, also zone management is included from the front panel or from the remote microphones.
The range starts with the 30 W and 60 W models, small in size but with a built-in music source with USB input and Bluetooth connectivity, even with the possibility of having a pre-recorded message on an SD card. They are light equipment, weighing just over 3 kg, to place on the desktop and taking up very little space as they are very compact (only 27 cm wide, 19 cm deep and 6 cm high).

MA-30M: 30 W RMS (100 V, 70 & 4 Ω) MA-60M: 60 W RMS (100 V, 70 & 4 Ω)

The 120W, 240W and 500W models, in addition to the music source with MP3 via USB and SD, the FM tuner and Bluetooth connectivity, incorporate the management of up to 6 speaker zones, with independent volume adjustment and control from the front and/or from remote microphones. These amplifiers allow the connection of up to 8 PMV-6Z microphone desks, with six zones, linked by Cat6 FTP cable at a distance of up to 300 m. Class D technology allows them to be highly energy-efficient amplifiers and despite their high power, their weight and dimensions are limited. They are to be placed on a desktop and can also be installed in a standard 19" rack, occupying two height units.

MAV-120Z6: 120 W RMS (100 V) MAV-240Z6: 240 W RMS (100 V) MAV-500Z6: 500 W RMS (100 V)


With the 240 W model, a solution is proposed that incorporates the zone microphone desk and the SMM-8SA pre-recorded message manager with time control. With this set of equipment grouped under the reference MAV-240KIT it is very easy to configure installations for schools, industries, shopping centers... since it is only necessary to add the necessary loudspeakers.



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