OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
On the 90th anniversary of our foundation, we renovate our brand and continue to innovate with new sound and communication solutions.
A new feature allows the time-scheduled, zone-controlled message player to send messages over IP multicast.
The SMM-8SA message player with time programming and zone control also has an Ethernet output that allows you to send messages to remote OPTIMUS SIP equipment: loudspeakers, amplifiers or audio interfaces. Therefore, the messages of the device, whether they are activated by time schedules (50) or by input contacts (8), can be transmitted at the same time by the local public address system and by the different audio equipment connected to the data network. This new function expands the possibilities of the equipment, which in addition to being used locally as part of the public address system of a school, supermarket, shopping centre, office... can send messages to remote points via IP multicast. These are some of the possibilities:
    • Define multiple loudspeaker zones (or high-power loudspeakers) in industrial buildings, schoolyards, sports fields, warehouses... thanks to the MP-120SIP power amplifier, 120 W RMS for 100 V line.
    • Distribute AE-15SIP exponential loudspeakers placed on poles, streetlights or urban structures to send messages to large areas, for example in towns, beaches, ports...
    • Create clusters of speakers to achieve omnidirectional sound points with a minimum investment using the MA-215SIP amplifier, with two 15 W RMS outputs at 8 ohms.
    • Access to complete and independent public address systems to send messages with priority control through the IA-10SIP interface.

SMM-8SA IP multicast

The system can be completed with a SIP telephone to access each of the remote units with maximum priority, and with a SIP server to manage groups, forwarding, redials... Likewise, OPTIMUS IP/SIP intercom is also compatible: for example, the same telephone can answer the EP-42SIPH refuge zone intercoms and send a live message to a remote area of speakers connected to an MP-120SIP. Contact us if you want more information.