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OPTIMUS S.A. is the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
The CP40-MP3BT equipment is an evolution of the previous model and adds wireless Bluetooth connectivity for sending audio from mobile devices, and is added as one more feature to the radio tuner and to the file player from compact discs or from files in format MP3.
Therefore, the music source includes an AM-FM radio tuner with memory for six stations, a compact disc player (audio CD) and an MP3 file player from SD card, USB memory or via Bluetooth. The equipment is for desktop or rack (occupies 1 u high), has two independent stereo outputs, one for the tuner and one for the CD / MP3 player and can be controlled from a remote control, from where the audio level can also be adjusted.


Sound source with tuner, CD/MP3, Bluetooth and USB input (1u)

    • Tabletop or rack mount (1 height unit).
    • CD player.
    • MP3 player (frontal USB / SD).
    • AM/FM tuner.
    • Remote control.
    • Two stereo outputs: CD/MP3 and AM/FM.
    • Bluetooth.
    • Volume adjustment from remote control.


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