OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
The OPTIMUS SMC intercom and signalling system provides many possibilities to control accesses, refuge areas, assisted toilets, information points...
The SMC series of intercommunication and signalling allows the integration, into a single system, of the different control needs of an office building, a hotel, an industry or a public building, for example. The CC-123F main units control several types of intercommunication points: accesses, both indoors and outdoors, refuge areas, calls from accessible bathrooms, information points, automated teller machine (ATM), parking barriers...


  • In ACCESSES (outdoor and indoor) you can install the EP-405, a vandal-proof outdoor intercom with robust 3 mm thick metal front, mylar speaker (outdoor) protected by an internal metal grille, metal call button, security Torx screws and IP65 protection against dust and water.
  • In ACCESSIBLE BATHROOMS the most appropriate is to use kits KB-10F, a set of call and signalling mechanisms for assisted bathrooms, according to CTE DB SU - SUA3. It includes a call mechanism by push button and handle, call reset mechanism, a central unit with acoustic and light signalling, white frames and power supply.
  • REFUGE AREAS are resolved with the EP-405H, a model with the same features as EP-405 and prepared for distress call points, such as those in refuge areas, with large red SOS letters, prerecorded call in progress message, accessibility pictogram and the word CALL in braille.
  • Finally, at the GENERAL INTERCOMMUNICATION points (information, ATMs, elevators, barriers ...) the appropriate equipment is the SAM-M, an intercom with stainless steel front plate and call button, Allen screws, high sensitivity omnidirectional microphone and moisture resistant speaker. Available in the kit version for mechanical integration, SAM-M2.

The SMC series also has specific elements for intercommunication and signalling of room calls in hospitals, clinics and residences. With this series it is easy to fully equip an office building, a train station or a health centre. Consult with us on the needs of your project or installation.


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