OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
OPTIMUS makes available to its customers the updated catalogue of its public address, voice alarm and intercom systems, with all the products incorporated in recent months.
The novelties are numerous and among them stands out the NOVA public address control system, designed according to EN54, the ASIST-E wireless signalling patient-nurse system, fully compatible with the IP SMCi system or the BS-208/W high-power loudspeakers that can also be used in 100 V systems.


This is the list of the main incorporations
    • NOVA public address control system
    • Mixer MX-12F
    • MXC-1002 Preamplifier
    • Queue Manager SMM-8QM
    • AC-850T & AC-730T horn speakers
    • JE-303ASW & SJM-740SW Megaphones
    • A-228EN Ceiling speaker certified EN 54
    • A-225QEN & A-226QEN two-way ceiling speakers certified EN 54
    • Design two-way speakers BS-30WHQ & BS-30BHQ
    • High-power two-way speakers BS-208 & BS-208W
    • SMCi IP nurse-patient intercom system
    • ASIST-E wireless signalling system
The catalogue is available in Spanish, English and French, and in an expanded version (only in Spanish) with the most relevant products of the brands represented and distributed, mainly, in Spain:
    • AIPHONE: Japanese multinational world leader in intercom equipment for commerce, industry, residential, communities...
    • CASTEL: French company specialized in IP / SIP intercom systems for industrial applications.
    • 4EVAC: Dutch company (Hacousto Protect) specialized in EN 54 certified public address and voice alarm systems.
    • PAN ACOUSTICS: German multinational specialist in active processed acoustic columns with addressable acoustic beam and low impedance passive acoustic columns, 100 V line and EN 54.
    • GONSIN: Industry-leading company in R&D, manufacture and sale of digital conference equipment, simultaneous translation systems and video tracking.
    • J&R TECHNOLOGY: Manufacturing company of standard and tailored telephony and intercom solutions, with high-quality products highly tested and validated in the industry.
    • DNH: Norwegian multinational specialist in loudspeakers for industry, weather resistant and vandal resistant, ATEX for dangerous atmospheres, with an extensive working temperature range, certified "Marine & Offshore"...
    • UNIVOX: Swedish company leader in high quality hearing aid products: inductive loop amplifiers, portable induction loops, group communication systems...

All versions of the catalog are in PDF and can be downloaded from the section "optimus product list", or directly from the following links:

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