OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
The Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE), in its Basic Safety Document in case of fire (DB-SI, section 3, point 9) describes the need to enable refuge areas for the evacuation, in case of fire, of people with disability, and the conditions in which it is mandatory to include an intercom to request help, specified in annexe A of the document.

Annex A of the DB-SI of the CTE indicates the need to have a "visual and auditory" intercom in buildings not for Residential Housing Use and with a permanent control post during their business hours. According to the preceding, practically all facilities for Hospital, Administrative, Commercial, Parking, Educational, and Public Concurrence use are included.

The regulations say that the intercom will be "visual and auditory" and the clarifications included in annexe A explain it: the audio signal can be a pre-recorded message and the visual signal a light device. In this way, it is heard and seen that the call and the consequent request for assistance have indeed been made. OPTIMUS offers several solutions to equip refuge areas and comply with regulations. The three most widely used are the kits made up of elements from the GT series from the Japanese multinational AIPHONE, the specific intercom for SOS requests from the OPTIMUS SMC series and the SIP intercom that can be answered from any device that uses the SIP standard.


Zonas de refugios OPTIMUS w


GT series from AIPHONE

The proposed solution with the GT series includes all the necessary equipment: intercom, control post, control electronics and power supply. The intercom, robust, with high-quality finishes and careful aesthetics, has pictograms for signalling calls in progress and communication, as well as an audio message to indicate the status of the call. The checkpoint is a sleek piece of equipment with a screen, keyboard, and phone. In addition, it is an expandable system, which allows managing up to 16 refuge areas and is also available in a version with colour video.


GTRefugios aiphone 1200x600

SMC series. EP-405H

Another solution is to use the EP-405H intercom when an SMC system, widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, car parks or schools, is installed in the building. It is an anti-vandal outdoor intercom with a robust 3 mm thick metal front, with a mylar speaker (weatherproof) protected by an interior metal grill, metal call button, security torx screws and protection against dust and water. It is specially prepared for help call points, such as those in refuge areas, with large SOS letters in red, a pre-recorded message of a call in progress, an accessibility pictogram and the word CALL in Braille. It is connected as one more piece of equipment in the SMC system and is managed from the CC-123F control post. In this system, the number of refuge zones that can be controlled is unlimited.



SIP compatibility: EP-44SIPH

The third solution uses the standard communication protocol SIP. It is the EP-44SIPH intercom, with a steel front plate, metal push button, large red SOS letters, pre-recorded message of a call in progress, accessibility pictogram and SOS word in Braille. Among many other features, the unit has a built-in induction loop to facilitate hearing for people with hearing disabilities, and the possibility of converting it into a device suitable for IP65 outdoors with IK10 anti-vandal protection, using the CE-EP embedding box. The control unit can be any telephone SIP compatible or one of the SIP intercom control units available in the OPTIMUS catalogue.



The three solutions are widely used and cover any need: the GT system when a compact solution is required, with all the necessary equipment, the EP-405H intercom when the SMC system is used, and the EP-44SIPH model for integration with SIP-telephony.

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