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OPTIMUS S.A. is the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.


PA systems at railway stations not only provide background music at low volume in concourses, public areas and shops, but are also essential for broadcasting information regarding train arrivals and departures. Adverse acoustics on platforms, with loud noises and high volumes, require PA systems based on studies and simulations in order to determine the right speakers, the right number of speakers and their placement and output, as well as the audio processing required to make them properly intelligible.

OPTIMUS systems, in addition to meeting the above needs, are also integrated with other systems at the station, using the data network infrastructure if necessary, and form part of the overall security, evacuation and voice-alarm system.

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Mumbai Monorail (India)


OPTIMAX IN INDIA’S MOST POPULOUS CITY. Mumbai (India). The first Indian monorail stations have been equipped with digital power units UP-ETH (series 7) and desktop control microphones DC-600EH, both belonging to a public address and voice alarm system OPTIMUS, also integrated into the Passenger Information Display System (PIDS).


Alicante's Metropolitan Tram


OPTIMAX SYSTEM ON THE COSTA BLANCA. Alicante (Spain). Alicante tram networking provides a TRAM service between the cities of Alicante and Denia, with the construction of new stations, railways and tunnels. The PA system relies on OPTIMAX series: there is a digital power unit in each station, connected to Ethernet network and in constant communication with the TRAM operations centre, where the control and paging central, and control/monitoring program are located.
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