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OPTIMUS S.A. is the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.


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MX88 870x450

With remote control from panels and microphone desks

The multi-channel audio matrix MX-88 has 8 music inputs, 8 outputs, 4 inputs for zone microphones and an additional priority input for another microphone, with phantom power. The equipment incorporates the possibility of recording and playback of an audio message of up to 55 s, and through 8 contacts it allows sending this message (or the priority microphone input) to the desired zones, for example in combination with the SMM-8SA message manager. The microphonic desks of the system can control up to four MX-88 matrices, so it is possible, in the same installation, to have four 8x8 matrices working independently and send messages to the 32 speaker zones selectively from a single microphone desk. This equipment is suitable to be part of a permanent sound system in pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, offices, factories, terminals, stations, airports, etc., where multiple sources of audio are used and it is necessary to integrate it easily with the broadcast of announcements and notices to one or more speaker zones.

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