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OPTIMUS S.A. is the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
The microphone desk incorporates an internal preamp that allows having an output level of 0 dBm, suitable for direct connection to the public address power amplifiers. The -60 dBm output is also available to connect to the standard microphone inputs of any audio amplifier.


Microphone desk, 35 cm gooseneck, output 0 / -60 dBm, gong. Push-button with priority

Microphone desk for all call announcements. Selectable output level: microphone (-60 dB) or 0 dB. Power supply included.
    • Microphone
    • Talk / Gong / Busy indicators 
    • Gong + talk key.
    • Call button.
    • Mic volume adjustment
    • Chime level adjustment
    • Gain selector and configuration dipswitch