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OPTIMUS S.A. is the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
The Public Address amplifier provides 120 W of power, sufficient for a wide range of installations, from the small business with 4 x 30 W two way speakers to the office building with 120 ceiling speakers connected to 1 W. The built-in sound source, in addition to an FM radio tuner, provide USB / SD inputs and Bluetooth connectivity to play MP3 music from the smartphone or by connecting a memory pen or an SD card.


Power amplifier, 120 W RMS (100 V line). MP3/USB/SD/FD. Recording

Compact public address equipment, perfect for commercial and industrial use. It's a 120 W RMS, 100 V, amplifier with five inputs and three priority levels. It includes a music source with radio FM and SD and USB port to play MP3 files, and allows recording from the inputs in the SD card or USB memory. It has phantom power in MIC channels, advanced protection system with current limiting, over current and thermal protection, two bands tone controls, low distortion and low noise level. It can be installed on a desktop or in a 19" rack.
    • Three microphone and two line inputs with JACK, XLR and RCA connectors.
    • Wide range input level.
    • TEL-PAGING input with EURO block terminal, with LEVEL & TALKOVER DEPTH controls.
    • Three layer priority.
    • USB MP3 Player, SD card, FM Tuner and Bluetooth.
    • 120 W rated power output.
    • Phantom power MIC channels.
    • Advanced protection system includes current limiting, over current and thermal protection.
    • Desktop and 19-inches rack mountable type.
    • Two bands tone controls.
    • Low distortion and low noise level.
    • Ideal for commercial and industrial use.


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