OPTIMUS, the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment.
The hotel in Vigo has a public address and voice alarm system IMPACT by 4EVAC, certified EN 54.

Hotel Attica21

© Attica21 Hoteles

The 4****S hotel is located in a landscape of great beauty, with the Cíes Islands as a backdrop, in front of Samil beach and a stone's throw from the urban center of the city of Vigo. Among its many services, it has a fitness area, gym, spa, outdoor pool with bar and restaurant with a panoramic terrace. It has 157 spacious rooms, totally exterior and with a private balcony, equipped with K801 and K804 controls, with 1 and 4 audio channels, from the dSOUND sound system. Autonomous sound systems with audio digital matrix, amplification and wireless microphones have been supplied for the meeting rooms. The general public address and voice alarm system has been made with the 4EVAC IMPACT system, certified EN 54, with a 4EFMTC desk for firemen and 4000 W of power that feeds more than 250 loudspeakers distributed throughout the installation, from ceiling loudspeakers A-225EN, AS-226EN and A-256MHQ to two-way speakers CA-915WEN and special garden rock loudspeakers AER-60T.

IMPACT 4EVAC 600x600
K801 OPTIMUS 600x600
CA915WEN OPTIMUS 600x600

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